Network World writes about a topic I have been pondering for awhile: how to create a bulletproof backup system. I have tried and deployed backup programs, and even written a program that complements those backup applications.

The key point of the article for safe backups is to separate a master backup from the operative system. Maybe it is an offline backup or a cloud service, but it has to be (practically) isolated from the computer system that may be attacked by ransomware some day.

It is not easy to achieve this, but getting it almost right is possible. Absolute isolation costs too much for most organizations and individuals. My target is getting it almost right.

Probably most digital nomads who travel and work fly to their next destinations, but especially, in Europe a motorhome or campervan is a great way to move around. Distances are relatively short, and you can stay in cities, villages, beaches or on mountains.

Nissan has created a concept campervan that envisions how professionals who work on their laptop computers might live and work in a campervan. It sure looks pretty, but the designers haven’t thought of all the other features absolutely required in a campervan. Hey, it is a vision.

Nissan NV350 concept.


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